9 Days with Cambria ~ Now available for Binge Watching!

9 Days with Cambria

Well, the initial roll-out of Cambria is over and it was amazing! It was great chatting with viewers about each episode as they came out and talking about how the subject matter affected them.

Now that the whole thing is online, for re-watcher’s and new audiences, the entire series is available on YouTube for viewing from start to finish. Give it a watch, comment on the episodes that mean the most to you and totally pass it around!

If you’re new to Cambria, here’s some insight, courtesy of Ashley MacInnis:

Cambria just speaks to you. She will make you cry, and she’ll make you laugh. You’ll find yourself nodding your agreement as she speaks directly to your soul as if the memories are your own.

We sincerely hope this is an eye-opener and an encouragement to ANYONE, regardless of gender, that struggles to find their way. The fight is hard, but totally worth it.

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