48 Hours in Purgatory

48-hip-poster48 Hours in Purgatory

Thriller/Drama – 106 mins

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Face Your Demons
A crew of successful independent documentarians set out to make their most controversial cinematic entry yet: a filmed psychological experiment. Six subjects will spend 48 hours alone in a room, under the watchful eye of a camera. During this time, the crew-members ask them questions, attempting to lead them into confrontation with their inner demons. When tragedy strikes, however, all bets are off and the very seams of sanity begin to come unstitched.

“…an intense thriller that pushes the viewer over the edge into a darkly disturbing tale of buried secrets.” ~ Char Hardin, Charred Remains

Starring: Andrew Roth, Sean Szutka, Emily Alatalo, Robin Barker-James, Jenna Jade Rain, Sean Saska, Jaclyn Scobie, Colin Paradine
Written/Directed by: Jason Armstrong
DP: Nick Matthews
Music by: Tony Longworth, Drew Brown, Jeremy Vancaulart, Mike Klassen
Produced by: Scott Williams, Jason Armstrong