The Ghost is a Lie

tgial-posterThe Ghost is a Lie

Horror – Feature Film

[Winter 2016]

I Fixed Your Movie
Three young women head out on a blustery winter road trip to deliver some records. Forced by bad weather to stay at an isolated bed and breakfast, the girls find themselves investigating the possibility that one of the guests might be connected to a well-known internet snuff film.

Starring: Angela Kaiser, Chandler Loryn, Sharon Belle, Neil Affleck, Christina Aceto, Colin Price, Rachel Sellan, Chris Carnel, Christina Schimmel, Becky Shrimpton, Alex Frankson, Rich Piatkowski, Gene Abella, Lindsay Smith
Directed by: Jason Armstrong
Produced by: Mitch Mommaerts, Kat Inokai, Brian Oakley, Chad Chatterson, Crowdfunding via IndieGoGo